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Experienced service technicians

We service all brands of injection molding equipment and can quickly and efficiently respond to your service needs.

Unlike other used injection molding machine dealers, we have a staff of technicians that qualify our inventory of injection machines and equipment prior to shipment to help ensure that our customers can place the used injection molding machines and equipment into production quickly. This unique capability gives our customers piece of mind knowing that their purchase of used injection molding machines and equipment will provide them reliable production for years to come.

Our technicians are available for both phone support and on-site visits as required. It has been our experience that numerous machine issues can be resolved by calling our technicians directly. If we are unable to resolve your problems with the injection molding equipment over the phone, we can arrange a visit to your plant to troubleshoot, diagnose, and repair your machine quickly.

ABSOLUTE stocks a good supply of both new and used parts. Sometimes, it is more cost efficient to replace a major component with a similar one that we have removed from a used injection molding machine. Contact us if you have a specific need and would like ABSOLUTE to provide your company with used components for your injection molding machines and equipment.

Companies experience changing production requirements and often need new or updated programs to operate their injection molding machines and equipment. Our in-house technical staff would be glad to assist you with your programming needs and be happy to work with you to maximize cycle times on your plastic injection molding machines and equipment.

If you are looking to expand or update your plastic injection molding plant, contact our technical staff to help you design and create specifications that will help you operate more efficiently. Our experienced staff can work with our sales team to provide your company with the right plastic injection molding equipment whether it is new or used. 

Our full-time staff of professionals can maintain, update and/or refurbish any make, model and type of injection molding machine or ancillary plastics equipment to keep your production line running without a hitch. We manage multiple warehouses complete with fork trucks, bridge cranes and loading docks (inside & out) for ease and care of each and every machine.

Call us for field service support, on-site repairs, preventive maintenance, reconditioning and even painting of your tired assets in our state-of-the-art spray booth for a fresh new look.

Pictures are the best way we see to evaluate the equipment before we contact you but if you don't have any picture we will contact you anyways. All pictures combined cannot exceed more than 50MB. Please use the uploader below for one or multiple photos.

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